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Tidy Tight storage and organization products are designed for household, garage and commercial storage needs. Everyone has that area in their life that could use some tidying up. Maybe its a closet, garage floor, or even the trunk of a car. Tidy Tight products are designed to be the solution.
Tidy Tight Garage
Our original product, Tidy Tight Garage, is designed to store electrical cords, rope, hoses and christmas lights.
Tidy Tight Utility
Tidy Tight Utility is a portable single loop storage strap designed to store electrical cords, rope, hoses and christmas lights. Similar to our garage version, but the carabiner attachment option allows this product to be securely clipped on.
Tidy Tight Strips
Our latest product, Tidy Tight Strips, a universally handy hook and loop strap for securing household goods or even around the yard.
  • Wraps around an item and secures back to itself
  • Prevents unraveling of cords, hoses, Rope, strings of lights or just about anything else
  • 18 Inch Standard length, But available in any length
  • Multiple strips can be used together for extra length
  • Highest Grade Back to Back Hook and Loop for maximum peel and unpeel cycles
  • Available in 1 inch, 1.5 Inch and 2 inch Wide strips
  • Incredible holding strength
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Tidy Tight Storage products are the newest addition to the CTD USA family of products. CTD USA has been manufacturing products in the USA since 1989 and currently offers 10566 unique products for 100's of applications.

If you have questions or would like to discuss a solution for your application, CTD USA and Tidy Tight are here to help. Contact us by email at or by phone at 1-877-360-5528.

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